The share

The company has one class of shares and has issued a total of 220 000 000 shares. There are no share options or other rights to subscribe or acquire shares issued by the company. Neither the company nor any of its subsidiaries directly or indirectly owns shares in the Company.

Dividend and dividend policy

Our goal is to provide shareholders with a high return (over time) through the competitive return on our investments. Subject to the financial results and future investment requirements, one objective is a steady increase in dividend over time.

Gains will either be reinvested or distributed as dividend, depending on what is expected to give best return for the shareholders. Hence, there may be calendar years where no dividend is paid out.

Since the company was incorporated in February 2016, dividend has been paid as follows:


    Dividend (NOK/Share)



10.08.2017     0,65
28.04.2017     0,30


Shareholder policy

We will inform the Oslo Stock Exchange, our shareholders and the market in general on an ongoing basis of our development, activities and special events. We will ensure, as far as possible, that the share price reflects the underlying values and expectations on future profits.

Such information will take the form of annual reports, quarterly reports, stock exchange notifications, press releases and investor presentations when required or otherwise appropriate.

General securities

Please find relevant custody/issuer services and analysts information.


Nordea Bank Norge ASA
Custody Services/Issuer Services
Essendropsgate 7
P.O.Box 1166 Sentrum, NO-0107 Oslo


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